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Excellent Investigation

Comprehensive research is crucial for obtaining the best results in accident cases. At Cefali & Cefali, we employ advanced tools to determine the worth of injuries, as well as the insurance and assets of the defendants.

Personal Injury Lawyers in Pleasant Hill, California Helping Victims Seek Justice

Exceptional Communication

It's common to come across complaints about poor client communication when reading reviews of other accident firms. However, at Cefali & Cefali, we value excellent client communication and will always be there for you. We provide each client with Mr. Cefali's personal cell phone number to ensure we stay connected. Our commitment is to provide excellent care to our clients, treating them like family.

Excellent Work Produced by Lawyers

At Cefali & Cefali, only licensed lawyers will handle your case from start to finish. Unlike other personal injury firms that delegate work to paralegals and unlicensed individuals, we take pride in providing you with an attorney's expertise.

We Handle the Following Types of Personal Injury Accidents


If you choose to work with Cefali & Cefali, you will enlist the support of a skilled car accident lawyer in Pleasant Hill, CA specializing in car accident cases. They will assist you in putting your life back together following an accident.


Being in a motorcycle accident can have long-lasting effects on your life. We know this and will spare no effort to ensure the defense provides you with the compensation you deserve.


Many boat accidents involve jet skis because they are faster than expected and not very maneuverable. Those who spend little time on the water rent them and get into much trouble.


Bicycle accidents can be traumatic, not just for the person injured but also for those close to them. Cefali & Cefali is a law firm that specializes in representing those involved in bicycle accidents.


Cefali & Cefali are Pleasant Hill, CA's premier dog bite attorneys. With decades of experience aiding victims of such injuries, they possess an unrivaled knowledge of the law and ensure every client has their best interests at heart.


Cefali & Cefali is a reputable law firm in Pleasant Hill, CA specializing in whiplash injury cases. Our team of experienced attorneys is dedicated to helping people who have suffered severe neck injuries due to car accidents or other personal injury incidents.


Ridesharing has become a popular and convenient way to travel. Unfortunately, accidents occur in rideshare vehicles, just as in any other vehicle. If you or someone you know has been involved in a rideshare accident, the experienced attorneys of Cefali & Cefali can help.


Uninsured accidents can have devastating and long-lasting effects, leading to financial hardship. Our lawyers are committed to helping victims of these accidents, providing necessary legal advice and resources to receive the compensation they're entitled to.


Pedestrian accidents are all too common in cities and towns around the world. We take pedestrian accidents seriously. Our attorneys are ready to help those who have been wrongfully injured and those who have experienced political or economic injustice due to such accidents.


If you were injured in a bus or semi-truck accident, you could be eligible for compensation. However, insurance companies for these vehicles are often known for offering low settlements, and we can help you get the compensation you deserve.

And Battery

Assault and Battery is a serious criminal offense ranging from misdemeanors to felonies. In most cases, it involves physical violence or the threat of violence against another person. Cefali & Cefali, a team of experienced legal professionals, always put the needs of their clients first, providing compassionate and strategic legal counsel in all areas related to this crime.

Brain Injury

Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) is a severe condition caused by accident and can have devastating consequences. If you believe you have grounds for a traumatic brain injury claim due to an accident, contact a brain injury lawyer in Pleasant Hill, CA at Cefali & Cefali today.

Slip &
Fall Accidents

Slip and fall accidents can have serious consequences. Our team of experienced attorneys is knowledgeable about the law related to these types of accidents and will work hard to get you the compensation you deserve.


Our proposed solution to address the issue of drunk driving is to install interlock ignition breathalyzers in every vehicle. By implementing this system, the savings generated will cover its cost in three years.

Texting and
Driving Accidents

Texting and driving is an all-too-real problem causing a surge of preventable accidents on roads worldwide. f you or someone you love has been injured in a car accident involving texting, contact our law firm for experienced legal representation.

Auto vs.

We at Cefali & Cefali are skilled at maximizing the financial recovery from pedestrian collisions. We have the expertise and experience to assist in obtaining your desired results.

Our Attorneys

Slip and Fall Lawyer Irvine CA

Michael Cefali is a passionate accident attorney based in San Juan Capistrano, California. He has dedicated his career to providing justice and fair compensation to the victims of accidents. Michael graduated from Newport Harbor High School. Then, Michael attended the California Maritime Academy, where he earned his Bachelor’s degree in Global Studies and Maritime Affairs. Following his studies at the academy, Michael attended Chapman University Law School and earned his Juris Doctorate. 

Michael married the love of his life, Courtney Cefali, in April of 2018. Michael and Courtney opened Cefali & Cefali in June of 2019. Michael is committed to giving back to his community and is an active member of the Rotary Club of San Juan Capistrano. Through his philanthropic efforts, Michael has been able to provide meals to the hungry and housing to those in need. When he is not working on cases for his clients, or volunteering in his community, Michael loves to spend his free time fishing on his boat which is slipped in Dana Point.

Michael also has three rescue dogs – a Chihuahua, a Spaniel mix, and a Shepherd mix. Michael Cefali is a dedicated accident attorney who values justice and fairness above all else. His commitment to his clients and his community is undeniable, and he will continue to fight for the rights of those who have been harmed by the actions or innactions of others. 

Courtney, a litigator with extensive experience, uses her dynamic and persuasive approach to secure dismissals in criminal defense cases and achieve outstanding results in personal injury cases.

Irvine Slip and Fall Attorney

Reputable Accident Lawyers
For The Most Severe Injuries

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Cefali & Cefali

We are a husband and wife team with the expertise to handle your personal injury case effectively and help you receive the compensation you deserve.

Our group is against the established authorities. The establishment is the insurance company. We assist people who have been injured, regardless of their background, to receive fair compensation even when the chances of success are low. Insurance companies may try to convince you that they alone can assess the worth of your injuries and emotional distress. Still, we will do everything possible to ensure you receive the full amount you deserve. As a team comprising of a competitive and tenacious husband and wife, we will leave no stone unturned to secure every possible dollar for you. We are capable of delivering the best outcomes for you.

Pleasant Hill Personal Injury Attorneys

The Role of a Personal Injury Lawyer

personal injury lawyer is a legal professional who specializes in providing legal representation to individuals who have suffered physical or psychological injuries as a result of the negligence or wrongdoing of another party. Personal injury lawyers are critical in protecting injured individuals’ legal rights and interests and helping them seek compensation for their losses.

Here are some key roles and responsibilities of a personal injury lawyer:

Legal Representation. A personal injury lawyer in Pleasant Hill, CA, represents the injured party in legal proceedings, whether it is negotiating with insurance companies or representing the client in court. They provide legal advice and guidance to help injured individuals understand their rights and options.

Case Evaluation. An accident lawyer in Pleasant Hill, CA, evaluates the facts and circumstances of the case to determine the legal merits of the claim. They conduct a thorough investigation, collect evidence, review medical records, interview witnesses, and assess damages to build a strong case for their client.

Legal Advocacy. Personal injury lawyers advocate on behalf of their clients to ensure their rights are protected. They negotiate with insurance companies, opposing counsel, and other parties involved in the case to seek fair and just compensation for their client’s injuries, including medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other damages.

Legal Strategy. Personal injury lawyers develop and implement legal strategies tailored to each case. They analyze legal issues, identify strengths and weaknesses, and formulate strategies to achieve the best possible outcome for their client, whether it is through settlement negotiations or litigation.

Trial Representation. Personal injury lawyers represent their clients in case trials. They present evidence, cross-examine witnesses, make legal arguments, and advocate for their client’s rights before a judge and jury.

Client Counseling. Personal injury lawyers provide emotional support and counseling to their clients, helping them understand the legal process, managing their expectations, and providing guidance throughout the case. They also inform their clients about their case’s progress and advise on important decisions.

Legal Expertise. Personal injury lawyers are knowledgeable about personal injury laws, regulations, and legal procedures. They stay updated with changes in the law and use their expertise to navigate complex legal matters and protect their clients’ rights.

A personal injury lawyer in Pleasant Hill, CA, advocates for injured individuals, providing legal representation, guidance, and expertise to help them seek fair compensation for their injuries and losses. Their role is crucial in ensuring injured individuals have access to legal remedies and receive the justice they deserve.

Determining Liability in Personal Injury Cases Pleasant Hill, CA

Determining liability in personal injury cases in Pleasant Hill, CA, follows the principles of California state law. Liability usually establishes by proving that one party’s negligence or wrongful conduct caused harm to another party. The critical factors considered in determining liability in personal injury cases in Pleasant Hill, CA, include the following:

Duty of Care. The first step is to establish that the defendant (being sued) owed a duty of care to the plaintiff (the injured party). It typically involves showing that the defendant had a legal obligation to act with reasonable care to avoid causing harm to others. For example, drivers must obey traffic laws and drive safely to avoid accidents.

Breach of Duty. The plaintiff must then prove that the defendant breached their duty of care by failing to act reasonably or engaging in wrongful conduct. It may show that the defendant’s actions or omissions fell below the standard of care expected in a similar situation. For instance, if a property owner fails to fix a known hazardous condition, such as a broken staircase, and a visitor gets injured, it may be considered a breach of duty.

Causation. The plaintiff must establish that the defendant’s breach of duty caused their injuries. It requires demonstrating a direct link between the defendant’s actions or omissions and the plaintiff’s harm. In other words, the plaintiff must show that “but for” the defendant’s actions or omissions, the injury would not have occurred.

Damages. Finally, the plaintiff must prove that they suffered damages due to the defendant’s breach of duty. Damages may include medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other economic and non-economic losses.

California follows the doctrine of comparative negligence, which apportions liability among multiple parties based on their proportionate fault. It’s important to note that the plaintiff’s negligence or wrongful conduct may also be a factor in determining liability and can reduce the damages they can recover.

Determining liability in personal injury cases can be complex, and it often requires a thorough investigation, legal analysis, and presentation of evidence. It’s essential to consult with an experienced personal injury attorney in Pleasant Hill, CA, who can evaluate the specifics of your case and provide you with expert legal guidance.

Expensed medical expenses, lost pay, permanent or temporary disability, discomfort or pain, and other problems could result from an accident. California law states you could be entitled to financial compensation if someone else’s negligence led to your injuries.

Cefali & Cefali, APC, the Pleasant Hill personal injury attorneys, are dedicated to providing individualized and sympathetic legal counsel to accident victims and their families throughout the legal process. No accident victim should have to handle their claim independently, and we will provide you with the best opportunity to get your due monetary compensation. Begin with a free case review by calling us at (877) 423-3254.

What are some of the challenges that you may face in your personal injury cases in Pleasant Hill, CA?

As a personal injury attorney in Pleasant Hill, CA, there are several challenges that I may face while handling personal injury cases. Some of these challenges include:

Limited or Insufficient Evidence. Personal injury cases often require extensive evidence to establish liability and prove damages. However, obtaining sufficient evidence, such as eyewitness accounts, medical records, accident reports, and expert testimony, can be challenging. In some cases, evidence may be lost or destroyed, or witnesses may be unavailable or uncooperative, making it challenging to build a strong case.

Comparative Fault. In California, the courts apply a comparative fault system, which reduces the injured party’s compensation proportionately if they are found partially at fault for the accident. Proving the other party’s fault and minimizing the client’s percentage of fault can be challenging. The defendant’s insurance company may shift blame onto the injured party to minimize their liability.

Insurance Company Tactics. Insurance companies are profit-driven entities that aim to minimize payouts. They often employ various tactics, such as denying liability, downplaying injuries, and offering lowball settlements to reduce the amount they have to pay. Dealing with insurance companies can be challenging, as they have experienced adjusters and legal teams that may try to take advantage of unrepresented or inexperienced claimants.

Statute of Limitations. California’s statute of limitations sets a deadline for filing a personal injury lawsuit. Failing to file within the statute of limitations can result in the case being time-barred and the injured party losing their right to seek compensation. Keeping track of deadlines and ensuring the timely filing of lawsuits can be challenging, especially if the injured party is still recovering from injuries.

Complex Legal Procedures. Personal injury cases involve complex legal procedures, including drafting legal pleadings, conducting depositions, and navigating court rules. Navigating the legal system can be challenging, especially for individuals unfamiliar with the legal process, which may result in delays or mistakes that could impact the case’s outcome.

Emotional Impact. Personal injury cases can be emotionally taxing for the injured party. Dealing with physical pain, emotional distress, and financial strain can impact the client’s well-being and ability to participate in the legal process actively. As an accident attorney in Pleasant Hill, addressing the emotional impact and supporting the client throughout the case can be challenging, yet essential for their well-being.

Handling personal injury cases in Pleasant Hill, CA, can present various challenges, including obtaining sufficient evidence, dealing with comparative faults, navigating insurance company tactics, adhering to the statute of limitations, managing complex legal procedures, and addressing the emotional impact on the client. Overcoming these challenges requires legal expertise, experience, and diligent advocacy to protect the rights and interests of the injured party.

Suppose you need legal advice or representation for a personal injury case. In that case, it’s best to consult with a qualified attorney like us in Cefali & Cefali, who can provide specific guidance based on your situation.

How To Find The Best Personal Injury Lawyers In Pleasant Hill, CA

Suppose you have sustained injuries due to an accident or negligence of another party in Pleasant Hill, California. In that case, finding the best injury lawyer in Pleasant Hill, CA, is crucial to protecting your rights and seeking compensation for your damages. Here are some steps to help you find the best personal injury lawyers in Pleasant Hill, CA:

Research and gather information. Conduct thorough research about personal injury lawyers in Pleasant Hill, CA. You can use online search engines, legal directories, and local bar association websites to gather information about law firms and lawyers in the area. Look for their experience, expertise, and track record in handling personal injury cases.

Read the reviews and testimonials. Look for profile reviews and testimonials from previous clients to get an idea of the quality of services provided by personal injury lawyers. Check their websites, Google reviews, and other online platforms to see what clients have said about their experience working with lawyers.

Seek recommendations. Ask for recommendations from family, friends, or colleagues who have had experience with personal injury lawyers in Pleasant Hill, CA. They can provide firsthand information about the lawyer’s skills, communication, and professionalism.

Check credentials and experience. Ensure the personal injury lawyer in Pleasant Hill, CA, you are considering is licensed and has the appropriate reputation and credentials to practice law in California. Verify their experience in handling their practice areas concerning personal injury cases, including their career success rate in obtaining favorable settlements or verdicts for their clients.

Schedule consultations. Most personal injury lawyers offer free initial consultations. Set up appointments with prospective attorneys to review your case’s specifics and assess their expertise, interpersonal skills, and commitment to acting in your best interests. Ask them about their approach to handling personal injury cases and their strategy for your situation.

Assess communication and responsiveness. Communication is vital in a lawyer-client relationship. During your consultations, assess the lawyer’s communication style and responsiveness. An excellent personal injury lawyer in Pleasant Hill, CA, should be responsive, prompt in returning your calls or emails, and able to explain legal concepts in a way you can understand.

Discuss fees and costs. Understand the fee structure of the personal injury lawyer in Pleasant Hill, CA, you are considering. Ask about their fees, including contingency fees (if applicable) and any additional costs or expenses that could be relevant in your case. Make sure you have a clear understanding of the financial arrangements before hiring a lawyer.

Evaluate the comfort level. Finally, trust your instincts and evaluate your comfort level with the personal injury lawyer. You should feel comfortable discussing your case with them and have confidence in their ability to represent you effectively.

By following these steps, you can find the best personal injury lawyers in Pleasant Hill, CA, who can protect your rights and help you seek fair compensation for your injuries and damages. Do thorough research, seek recommendations, assess credentials and experience, communicate with potential lawyers, and trust your instincts before deciding.

How The Statute Of Limitations Could Affect Your Injury Lawsuit

To successfully pursue a lawsuit, it is crucial to have a clear understanding of the statute of limitations. In California and other jurisdictions, strict deadlines are set by the applicable statute of limitations for injury claims. If you fail to initiate legal action and attempt to litigate your claim after the deadline, your claim may be dismissed without needing a hearing.

Think about the probability that a distracted motorist caused the accident that injured you. The driver is the defendant in your negligence claim. Yet you put off getting legal counsel after the accident. It would be best to speak with a proficient personal injury law company attorney to assess the underlying claims for two years. Yet, it could be far too late to pursue the claims at that point. The statute of limitations in California is two years, and it begins the day your damage occurred.

It’s important to remember that there are some exceptions to the statute of limitations. Therefore, if you have waited excessively long, you should speak with personal injury lawyers before “giving up” on your claims. The Discovery Rule assures that the statute of limitations runs the day the damage was or ought to have been discovered. For instance, it allows plaintiffs in California to prolong their statute of limitations. You are likely qualified to invoke the Discovery Rule if you suffered concealed and asymptomatic damage that medical professionals failed to recognize until much later.

If you have sustained an injury, contacting Cefali & Cefali, APC. for legal assistance is advisable. Speaking with a personal injury attorney early on allows for more time and careful consideration in building your case and submitting the necessary paperwork within the required deadlines. Taking prompt action ensures that your legal rights are protected and efficiently pursuing your case.

Compensation Available for a Personal Injury Case in Pleasant Hill

One of the main aims of a personal injury claim made by an accident victim is to at least partially repay the costs of said accident. If someone else’s negligence caused your injuries, you could be entitled to compensation for a range of losses connected to your injuries and accident:

  • Lost wages and diminished earning potential because of a disability
  • Past and future medical bills
  • The cost of replacing or repairing a property
  • Legal costs and other charges
  • Emotional suffering and physical pain
  • Punitive damages, in some circumstances

Although there might not be a monetary value that can adequately express the magnitude of your losses, pursuing a just settlement or judgment award may result in an outcome where you and your family should move on.

Qualities That Set Us Apart from Other Personal Injury Law Firms in Pleasant Hill

When your financial stability is at stake, you want to be sure that the serious injury lawyer in Pleasant Hill, CA, handling the case does have the expertise, resources, and knowledge necessary to offer strong representation. Also, search for an attorney that cares about your case and has glowing testimonials from previous clients. These are just a few things that make our personal injury lawyers in Pleasant Hill different from others in the area:

Thorough Investigations. The foundation of every successful tort claim is solid evidence. You will need proof of both responsibility and harm to succeed. Various pieces of this evidence can be time-sensitive, and individuals with access to it frequently withhold it. As soon as possible, our attorneys will begin gathering evidence before it is lost. If some evidence is concealed, we can use the judicial system to compel its production. We distinguish ourselves from the countless attorneys that take on an excessive number of cases and are unwilling to devote the time necessary to give exceptional representation.

Thorough understanding of the law. Lawyers need to be more knowledgeable in every aspect of the law. Personal injury law is our main area of concentration at Cefali & Cefali, APC. Few law offices possess the experience and expertise our legal team has amassed after assisting over 5,000 customers. We know how to foresee and prevent potential disagreements and delays, and when a problem does occur, we know the best course of action given the situation.

Successful Negotiating Strategies. A lawyer is not necessarily a skilled negotiator just because they have conducted settlement negotiations. At Cefali & Cefali, APC., we approach settlement discussions as though a trial is imminent. Using tried-and-true methods to show how strong our client’s case is, we persuade the insurance company and/or the other party to settle outside court.

Litigation Experience. In some cases, the opposing party may be more inclined to offer a fair settlement if they perceive that your attorney is prepared and willing to take the matter to trial. It’s crucial to recruit the aid of a skilled trial attorney with a track record of winning cases in court. Our Pleasant Hill personal injury attorneys have much trial experience and are open to doing so.

Accessibility. See some of the reviews written by the attorney’s former clients. Did they enjoy their experience? A law firm probably makes itself accessible to clients and cares about the individuals they represent if it has a ton of good reviews along with a few negative ones. Getting prompt responses to your queries will significantly lessen the stress and trauma of the process, so ensure that you ask the lawyer for a direct way to communicate.

Pleasant Hill Personal Injury LawyersPersonal Injury Lawyers Pleasant Hill

Our Top Personal Injury Lawyer
Answers Your Questions

Retain a personal injury lawyer for free, as they offer free consultations and no expenses unless you prevail. Reading the details below can help you determine if you have a claim and improve your comprehension of California’s laws governing accidents and personal injuries.

You have such a personal injury case if you sustain an injury to your person—physical, emotional, or both—that is acknowledged by the law and is brought on by the negligence or fault of another. In other cases, such as in an assault where another person’s actions caused you to expect harm, you don’t even need to be physically hurt. A wrongful death or personal injury lawsuit is another option, and this is for your loss of companionship and financial assistance, not on behalf of a defendant. Always discuss your rights with a personal injury lawyer, regardless of whether you may be at fault.

After calculating all your medical expenses and lost wages, estimating the value of your case becomes exceedingly challenging. Factors such as future and ongoing medical care, future lost wages, missed opportunities for promotion at work, and other considerations must also be considered to determine the total value of your case, in addition to your medical costs and lost wages. Your personal injury lawyer will typically include damages for suffering and pain.

At Cefali & Cefali, APC, all personal injury cases are taken contingently, with no up-front costs. Our law office receives a percentage of the compensation after settling your lawsuit. Once a settlement has been concluded and a check is issued, the attorney deducts their fee and any additional expenses incurred to defend the clients. The attorney does not incur any costs if the client does not receive compensation.

It might be challenging to predict how long your litigation will last. There are numerous variables, and every instance is unique. Yet you must take your time and avoid settling down right away. Early on, after an accident, you are unsure of the extent of your injuries or the amount of future medical treatment you may need. Only agree to something an insurance company asks you to sign after consulting a personal injury law firm.

Your medical expenses are the responsibility of the person who caused your injuries. The defendant’s insurance provider will cover your medical expenditures in personal injury cases. In most circumstances, paying your medical bills will be possible after your claim has been resolved. Speak with a personal injury lawyer about putting your medical bills on liens so the hospital will get paid once your case is resolved. For this reason, maintain thorough records of any of your bills.

Contact Us Today

If you or a loved one have suffered a personal injury due to the negligence or wrongdoing of another party in Pleasant Hill, CA, our team in our law office of experienced personal injury lawyers at Cefali & Cefali, APC. is here to help. With our deep understanding of California personal injury laws and our unwavering commitment to seeking justice for our clients, we will fight tirelessly to ensure you receive the proper needs and compensation you deserve. Whether it’s a car accident, slip and fall, dog bite, or any other personal injury case, we have the knowledge, skills, and resources to advocate for your rights. 

For more information and questions, contact us at (877) 423-3254 or on our contact form for a free consultation, and let us put our expertise to work for you. Your road to recovery starts here.


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Michael represented me when another firm felt they were unable. I was hit by a car while driving my motorcycle. The police report was not helpful in my case. Michael pursued against the odds and found the truth I needed to be successful in winning my case. His diligence and hard work is why I will be proud to refer him to my friends and family.
<br>Roland M.

Roland M.
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A real down to earth man that I appreciate for going the extra mile to prevail in my case. I wouldn't just recommend anyone to him because not everyone deserves a man like that on their side. But to those good people that truly need support should, consult in him.
<br>Noe G.

Noe G.
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I came across Michael Cefali's info on a Facebook local group and before I knew it, everything was handled, magically and completely. Michael guided me through what should have been tedious steps and paperwork, doctors' appointments and legal corridors. He was truly my guardian angel and I recommend him highly.

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From the beginning Michael Cefali and his team were efficient and thorough. I appreciate Mike's ability to stay in constant communication and see this very sensitive matter all the way through. Mike is a true professional who went above and beyond for my family and I. Team Cefali’s dedication has been impressive and I would recommend him to anyone who is looking for an honest business professional.
<br>Adam W.

Adam W.
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If you find yourself in a tough time, Mike can make your life easier. Dealing with insurance while your trying to recover, is one of the crappiest things to have to deal with. Mike took care all of that for me and then some. He’s professional and dedicated to his customers. We communicated very frequently and I felt that “impending doom” wasn’t going to happen to me with Cefali and Cefali representing me.

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My lawyer Michael was very diligent with my case. He knew exactly what needed to be done and made sure I had a good outcome. All his advice was on point. I would definitely use his services again.
<br>Bill O.

Bill O.
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I would recommend Michael to anyone that has had any type of accident as he handled both of my car accidents professionally and I was very happy with the settlement that he got me on my behalf. Thumbs up and I would use him again! 👍

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Micheal is knowledgable attorney and he helped me with some piece of good advices that turned out great for me. He's friendly and he will fight for and you and your rights. I had a great experience with him and i definitely recommend him to every one i know.
<br>Ray G.

Ray G.
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This guy is my guy, does not matter what issues i had he came in without hesitation and helped me when i needed help the most. i would recommend him to anyone. He's family now. Thank you Mike Cefali!


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