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Cefali & Cefali is an aggressive husband and wife duo that has the experience and know-how to get maximum value on your personal injury case.


Cefali & Cefali understands the importance of adding value to our clients’ cases. If we don’t think we can get you more in your pocket by hiring us or keeping us, we’ll tell you so right away.

Typically, when you hire a personal injury attorney (especially Cefali & Cefali), you greatly increase your likelihood of seeing a larger damage award than you would trying to deal with the claim yourself.

Cefali & Cefali takes care of everything, and makes sure that every aspect of you case is framed properly to maximize value.

All you have to do is worry about getting better. Here is the value Cefali & Cefali brings to your case.

1. Investigate
From the moment we take your case, we begin our investigation of the facts and circumstances. This can range from obtaining surveillance footage to interviewing witnesses to obtaining police reports. We handle everything that comes with investigating your case.
2. Open Claims
We communicate with the insurance companies so that you don’t have to. This includes opening claims, relaying the facts of loss, and finding other parties involved. It’s important you have an attorney to do these tasks so that you don’t say anything that might hurt your case later.
3. Locate Policy Limits
We find out what the other parties’ policy limits are. This is a very important step in crafting your case. We need to know how much is available to help make you whole after you’ve been injured. We need to know whether we’re working with a CA minimum $15k policy or something bigger.
4. Guide Treatment
No health insurance? High copays or deductibles? We can get you set up with top-notch doctors with zero out-of-pocket to you. From Chiropractors to Neurosurgeons and everything in between, we know the medical professionals you need to be healed.
5. Gather Medical Records & Bills
We collect all of your records and bills from all of the providers that you visited. It can be quite a big job to collect medical records and bills. We submit HIPAA requests to each provider and follow up constantly until we have everything that we need to move forward with your case.
7. Negotiate With Adverse Parties
We negotiate with the insurance company. This usually involves some back-and-forth. Insurance companies try to devalue claims by employing certain tactics. We know how to stop the insurance company in its tracks and get our client what they deserve. Ultimately, the client has complete control regarding the amount we settle for.
8. Settle Up With Your Providers
Everyone wants a bite of the action once a settlement has been achieved. This means your health insurance company, doctors, and other medical providers are going to all want a piece of your settlement money. We stand as a buffer between you and the medical providers and make sure they only get as much as they’re entitled to.

Cefali & Cefali Trusted Accident Attorneys For The Most Serious Injuries


Top Notch

Research is critical to achieving the best outcomes in accident cases. Cefali & Cefali utilizes cutting edge tools to learn the value of injuries, as well as defendants’ insurance and asset information.


Impeccable Communication

If you look at other accident firms’ reviews, you will undoubtedly see complaints about subpar client communication. Cefali & Cefali will never leave you hanging. We pride ourselves on stellar client communication. In fact, every client is given Mr. Cefali’s personal cellphone number. We treat our clients like family. 


Quality Work Done
By Attorneys

Your entire case will be handled exclusively by attorneys. Other injury firms have paralegals and other unlicensed people handle their clients’ cases. Cefali & Cefali prides itself on that attorney touch.