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Pedestrian Accident Attorneys

Walking is the oldest, most basic form of transportation around. Just about everyone has to walk at sometime or another. In fact, the number of people walking in the United States is increasing every year. Sadly, the number of pedestrian traffic injuries is also increasing. According to a recent study, five percent of pedestrian v. auto injuries in California are fatal. 98.6% of pedestrian injuries in traffic crashes occur in urban settings. Pedestrian accidents are most likely to occur between 6AM and 9AM on weekdays. The highest pedestrian fatality rates in 2007-2013 were in Kern County (#1) and Humboldt County (#2). Los Angeles had the highest total number of pedestrian fatalities at 1,382.

Common injuries include:

At Cefali & Cefali, APC, we know how to maximize the value of pedestrian accidents. Mr. Cefali has even gotten a homeless client, who was wearing all black and jaywalking when he was hit, the policy limits. In another notable case, Mr. Cefali got $20k for a young man who was hit after he darted out into traffic between two parked cars and whose only treatment was Emergency Room visit. We have the experience and the know-how to help get you what you deserve.


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