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truck accident attorney in irvine

At Cefali & Cefali, we understand the physical, emotional, and financial toll that truck accidents can have on victims and their families. Our experienced and knowledgeable Irvine trucking accident lawyers are dedicated to helping clients in Orange County, California fight for the compensation they deserve after being injured in a commercial vehicle collision. We also assist families who’ve lost a loved one due to another’s negligence.

Big rigs, 18 wheelers, and other commercial vehicles pose a major threat to our roads. With their immense size and weight, even low-speed crashes can cause severe injuries to passengers of smaller vehicles – or worse, wrongful death. If you or someone close to you has been hurt in an accident involving truckers or trailers, our Trucking Accident Lawyers in Irvine CA may be able to help you recover damages through a settlement or court verdict.

When representing clients suffering from injuries resulting from a truck crash or wrongful death due to truck driver negligence, we thoroughly investigate all aspects of the case so that we can build the strongest claim possible on your behalf. We collect evidence such as police reports and witness statements; analyze data from event data recorders (EDRs) and GPS devices; review medical records; examine driver logs; investigate driver credentials; assess liability issues; identify all potential defendants; review insurance policies; hire experts as required by law; negotiate with defense attorneys and other parties involved in the case; litigate when necessary; represent clients before juries if needed.

Our Irvine Truck Accident Attorneys understand that no two cases are alike. That is why we tailor our legal strategies to fit each client’s individual needs and goals. No matter what type of compensation is sought – medical expenses, loss of income, pain and suffering – we strive for maximum recovery for our client’s losses in order to help them move forward in life with dignity.

If you’ve been injured because of another person’s negligence behind the wheel of a big rig or trailer, don’t hesitate to turn to Cefali & Cefali for assistance with your legal claims or questions regarding personal injury protection (PIP) benefits available under California law. Our team of dedicated Trucking Accident Lawyers in Irvine, California is here to provide you with sound advice and effective representation every step of the way so that you can secure the full amount of compensation that you are entitled to receive.

Who Is Responsible For My Injuries After A Truck Accident In Irvine, California?

Trucking accidents can have many different causes, but they often boil down to one thing: negligence. When a truck driver or trucking company acts in a way that puts others on the road at risk, they need to be held accountable.

So, who is responsible for your injuries after a truck accident in Irvine, California? The answer depends on the circumstances of the accident and who was at fault.

Let’s take a look at some of the most common responsible parties in trucking accidents:

The Truck Driver

The truck driver is usually the first person people think of when it comes to responsibility for a trucking accident. And in many cases, they are indeed responsible. Truck drivers are expected to follow certain rules and regulations when it comes to hours of service, vehicle maintenance, and more. If they don’t, and an accident occurs as a result, they can be held liable.

The Trucking Company

The trucking company is also often responsible for accidents caused by their drivers. This is because companies are responsible for hiring safe drivers, providing proper training, and ensuring that their vehicles are up to par. If a company fails to do these things and an accident occurs, they can be held liable.

Contractors and Employers

In some cases, the truck driver may not be directly employed by the trucking company. Instead, they may be contracted out by another company or individual. In these cases, both the contractor and the employer can be held liable for any accidents that occur. This is because they both have a responsibility to ensure that the driver is safe and qualified to do the job.

Manufacturers of Trucks or Its Parts

If a defective truck or component part causes an accident, the manufacturer can be held liable under product liability laws. This includes everything from tires to brakes to steering systems. If a manufacturer produces a defective product that causes an accident, they can be held financially responsible for any resulting injuries or damages.

If you or someone you know has been involved in a trucking accident, contact Cefali & Cefali today to schedule a free consultation. Our knowledgeable and compassionate truck accident attorneys in Irvine, California will fight for the full and fair compensation you deserve.

What If I Was Injured by an Unqualified Truck Driver?

In the United States, large trucks and buses are regulated by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). The FMCSA sets standards for things like the number of hours a driver can be on the road, as well as requirements for rest and breaks. Trucking companies are required to follow these regulations, and drivers must have a valid commercial driver’s license (CDL) to operate a large truck or bus.

Unfortunately, not all trucking companies follow the rules set by the FMCSA, and not all drivers have a valid CDL. In fact, some estimates suggest that as many as 15% of truck drivers in the United States operate without a valid license.

If you were injured by an unqualified truck driver in Irvine, California, you may be wondering what your legal options are. The first step is to speak with an experienced truck accident attorney in Irvine who can help you understand your rights and options under the law.

At Cefali & Cefali, our team of experienced truck accident attorneys in Irvine has represented many victims of unlicensed truck drivers. We know how to investigate these cases and build strong claims on behalf of our clients. To learn more about how we can help you, contact us today for a free consultation.

How Will Cefali & Cefali Handle My Truck Accident Case in Irvine, California?

If you are looking for experienced truck accident attorneys in Irvine, California, then you can trust the team at Cefali & Cefali. Our team of experienced Trucking Accident Lawyers in Irvine has the knowledge and expertise necessary to help you successfully settle your truck accident claim. Whether you have been injured in an accident involving a semi-truck or some other large vehicle, our legal representatives will provide comprehensive information about your rights as well as fight hard to get you the compensation that you deserve.

At Cefali & Cefali, we understand the complexities surrounding truck collisions and are committed to helping our clients through every step of their case. We utilize our knowledge and experience to conduct a thorough investigation into your accident and ensure that all evidence is gathered which could be used in court. By doing this, we can build a strong legal case on your behalf so that we can make sure that the responsible party is held accountable for their actions.

If negotiations fail and it becomes necessary to take your claim to court, then our Irvine trucking accident lawyers have the skills and resources needed to represent you effectively. We will provide comprehensive information about the law pertaining to truck accidents as well as discuss how any settlement might affect your future plans. Ultimately, our goal is always to secure maximum compensation on behalf of our clients so they can move on with their lives after an injury or death due to a truck collision.

Choosing the right truck accident lawyer in Irvine to handle your case is important if you want to maximize your chances of success in court or even during negotiations. At Cefali & Cefali, we are dedicated to getting you justice and providing outstanding representation throughout every stage of your case. Our team of Irvine truck accident lawyers is committed to protecting your rights and fighting hard for fair settlements on behalf of our clients so they can recover from their injuries without the financial burden or stress from medical bills or lost wages due to time away from work.

When choosing a law firm in Irvine, California for handling truck collisions, make sure that they have both experience and knowledge when it comes to defending individuals involved in these types of cases. At Cefali & Cefali we have years of experience representing individuals who have been injured or killed due to negligence by another party when driving commercial trucks or other large vehicles – call us today for a free consultation regarding any questions related to this type of accident!

Common Causes of Truck Accidents

Truck accidents can be catastrophic due to the sheer size and weight of commercial trucks. A single mistake on the part of a truck driver or any other individual involved in operating a truck could result in serious injury or death. It is important for all drivers who share the roads with large commercial trucks to understand some common causes behind these kinds of accidents.

Here are some common causes of truck accidents:

Equipment Failure: Mechanical failure is one possible cause of an accident involving a large commercial truck. Issues with brakes, steering, tires, or other parts of the vehicle may lead to an accident if proper maintenance has not been done on a regular basis.

Weather Conditions: Rain, snow, ice, and fog can often lead to unsafe roadways that are more hazardous for larger vehicles like trucks. If a driver is not careful when driving in these conditions, an accident could occur.

Unsecured Loads: If a truck’s load is not securely fastened it can shift during transport and interfere with the operation of the vehicle. This kind of situation can easily lead to an accident if something falls off of the vehicle and blocks another lane or causes another driver to swerve out of their path.

Alcohol & Drugs: The use of alcohol or drugs while behind the wheel greatly increases the risk of an accident occurring. Any amount of alcohol consumption can impair judgment and reaction time while driving; likewise, drug use impairs a person’s ability to make decisions while operating a vehicle. It’s important for all drivers to remain sober while behind the wheel in order to prevent an accident from occurring due to someone else’s negligence or impairment due to substance abuse.

Roadways: Poorly maintained roads combined with inadequate signage can create safety hazards for any driver sharing that roadway, but especially those who drive large commercial vehicles such as 18-wheelers and tanker trucks that can be difficult to maneuver at times.

Driver Fatigue: Driving while tired or overworked is another common cause behind truck accidents as well as many other types of motor vehicle collision cases where sleep deprivation played a role in causing the crash. Federal regulators do have guidelines outlining how long drivers are allowed to stay on the road without taking a break, but they don’t always follow them, which can lead to fatigue-related crashes happening quite frequently even though they’re preventable ones if followed properly.

Common Injuries Semi-truck Accident Lawyers Handle

Injuries resulting from a semi-truck accident can be severe and even fatal. The sheer weight of the trucks and their immense size makes them dangerous on the road, leading to catastrophic injuries to those involved in an accident with a big rig.

Unfortunately, these types of accidents are often due to negligence on behalf of the truck driver or trucker’s employer. Semi-truck accident lawyers in Irvine CA have handled many cases involving serious injuries which have left victims with long-term health care needs, debilitating pain and suffering, and expensive medical bills. Commonly encountered injuries include:

• Spinal Cord Injuries: These types of injuries may cause permanent paralysis or partial loss of sensation in certain parts of the body. Victims may need extensive rehabilitative therapy for months or years after the injury has occurred.

• Broken Bones: Broken bones can occur when an individual is thrown from a vehicle during a collision or when they are crushed by heavy objects that are thrown around during impact. If a bone is broken in multiple places, it can lead to complicated fractures that require complex surgery.

• Brain Injuries: Traumatic brain injuries can happen when a person’s head strikes something hard or when debris enters the skull during an accident. This type of injury can lead to long-term cognitive impairments as well as physical issues such as loss of balance and coordination problems.

• Soft Tissue & Muscle Injuries: Soft tissue damage is common in semi-truck accidents since the force generated by these massive vehicles often cause more extensive harm than normal car crashes do. Ligaments and muscles may experience tears, sprains, strains, bruising, and other damage which can result in chronic pain and swelling down the road.

• Neck Injuries: Whiplash is a type of neck injury that occurs when an individual’s head is forced back quickly due to impact with another object such as another vehicle in a collision or airbag deployment during an accident. It can lead to persistent pain and impaired range of motion in some cases if not treated properly at once.

• Amputation & Disfigurement: Victims of semi-truck accidents may suffer from traumatic amputations due to power tools used at construction sites or from limbs being crushed underneath heavy objects that shift during impact with another vehicle on the highway. In addition, burns caused by explosions near hazardous materials or chemical spills could also result in disfigurement due to scarring on the skin surface after healing takes place over time.

• Hip Injuries: Fractures in the hip joint are especially common due to its close proximity to other vulnerable bones like those located near the spine (e.,g lower spine). Additionally, hip bursitis could occur if there is excessive strain put onto this joint during movement after an accident has taken place—resulting in inflammation along with sharp pains whenever weight-bearing activities occur.

• Wrongful Death: In some cases, there is no chance for recovery after being involved in a semi-truck accident due to the extent of their injuries; this type of tragedy may be considered wrongful death if it was caused by someone else’s negligence or recklessness behind the wheel.  

• Internal Injuries: Internal organs are vulnerable during semi-truck accidents since they don’t have any external protection like bones do, so any direct impact could cause severe damage leading up to organ failure if medical treatment isn’t received quickly enough for them to be able to repair/stop bleeding, etc.

• Burn Injuries: Fires start easily after major impacts, so burn-related injuries could be acquired anytime there’s fuel present (i.,e gasoline/diesel) coupled with sparks flying around due to friction created between metal components grinding against each other while colliding together.

• Limb & Joint Injuries: These types of trauma often stem from blunt force trauma applied straight onto joints like knees and elbows etc, but sometimes twisting motions generate enough energy transfer through soft tissue (muscle ligaments) which affects joints too, thus resulting in painful conditions requiring long term rehabilitation visits for the recovery process to begin.

• Paralysis: In severe cases, complete paralysis may occur due to spinal cord injury resulting from a collision with a large truck. This can affect any part of your body below where the spine was damaged. It requires extensive medical treatment, which could include physical therapy, occupational therapy, medication, surgery, etc.

Types of Truck Accidents

When most people think of a truck accident, they envision a huge semi-truck crashing into a smaller passenger vehicle. However, not all truck accidents look the same. In fact, there are many different types of truck accidents that can occur. Here are some of the most common types of truck accidents:

Side-Impact Crashes: Referred to as “T-bone” accidents, side-impact crashes occur when the front of a truck collides with the side of another vehicle. These types of accidents are often very serious, as the occupants of a smaller vehicle can be seriously injured or even killed.

Rear-End Collisions: Rear-end collisions involving trucks are also quite common. These accidents often occur when a truck is following another vehicle too closely and does not have enough time to stop when traffic slows down or comes to a stop. Rear-end collisions can also be caused by a truck driver who is distracted and not paying attention to the road ahead.

Rollover Accidents: Rollover accidents involving trucks are often very serious, as the weight and size of the truck can cause significant damage and injuries. These accidents can be caused by factors such as driver fatigue, speeding, or even improper loading of the truck’s cargo.

Jackknife Accidents: When a tractor-trailer’s trailer swings out from behind the cab and is perpendicular to it, a jackknife accident occurs.. These types of accidents can be caused by factors such as braking too hard or making a sharp turn.

Head-On Collisions: Head-on collisions are some of the most serious types of truck accidents, as they often result in catastrophic injuries or even death. These types of accidents often occur when a truck crosses over into oncoming traffic, either because the driver fell asleep at the wheel or was distracted by something inside the cab of the truck.

What Damages Are Covered Under Truck Injuries?

When it comes to trucking accidents, there are a number of serious injuries that can result from these collisions. Trucking accident lawyers in Irvine, CA understand the severity of these injuries and the long-term implications they can have on the victims. It’s important for those affected by a trucking accident to be aware of the different damages that may be covered under personal injury claims related to these collisions. Here are some key damages that may be covered under truck accident injuries:

• Medical Expenses: Any medical expenses incurred as a result of an accident with a commercial truck may be eligible for compensation through an injury claim. This includes not only direct medical costs such as ambulance rides, hospital visits, and surgeries, but also indirect costs such as rehabilitation services, physical therapy treatments, and any necessary prescription medications or medical devices required for ongoing care.

• Lost Wages: An injury suffered in a commercial truck collision can make it impossible to return to work right away. In addition to any future lost wages due to an inability to work, you may also be eligible for reimbursement of past wages if you were unable to work due to your injuries following an accident with a commercial truck.

• Pain and Suffering: Victims of commercial truck accidents often experience substantial pain and suffering beyond just their physical wounds. This can leave them feeling overwhelmed and unable to cope with their situation. Those impacted by such accidents may receive reimbursement for their mental anguish, emotional distress, loss of enjoyment of life, anxiety or depression caused by the incident that resulted in their injury.

• Property Damage: If you own property that was damaged in a commercial truck accident – like your vehicle –your attorney might seek compensation from the at-fault party’s insurance company or other liable parties involved in order to repair or replace your property.

Working with experienced attorneys is essential when filing personal injury claims resulting from commercial truck collisions so you can properly receive all the compensation you are entitled to after being injured in a crash.

Contact Our Experienced Truck Accident Lawyers In Irvine, CA

At Cefali & Cefali, we understand that the costs of being involved in a truck accident can be overwhelming for anyone. That’s why our experienced Irvine, California truck accident lawyers strive to make sure that victims of semi-truck accidents receive the maximum outcome in their cases. We bring extensive knowledge of the trucking industry and the challenges faced by motorists when dealing with insurance companies after an accident. 

Our team has handled thousands of truck accident cases throughout Southern California, helping everyone from individuals to entire families get the money needed to cover medical bills, lost wages, and vehicle repair costs. With decades of combined experience, we are proud to be a trusted source for Irvine personal injury attorney services in Irvine and beyond. So if you have been injured in a trucking accident, contact us at Cefali & Cefali today. Our knowledgeable legal professionals will work hard to ensure that you get the best possible outcome from your case so you can move on with your life.

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