Motorcycle Accidents

We’ve Handled Many Motorcycle Cases


Motorcycle accidents are often catastrophic. A 2010 study showed that in all accidents occurring between motorcycles and cars, the motorcyclist was either not at fault or less at fault than the other driver 80% of the time. Sadly, oftentimes insurance companies try to blame the motorcyclist.

National rate of motorcycle accident fatalities is 28 times higher than car accident fatalities. In 2017, 16,505 motorcycles accidents occurred resulting in 15,527 injuries and 541 deaths. It is extremely important to wear protective gear. Cars do not look out for motorcycles the way that they should. Drivers are often distracted and make sudden lane changes without looking.

Interestingly, motorcycle fatalities have more than doubled since 1997. Even between 2015 and 2016, deaths jumped six percent, according to Fatality Analysis Reporting System. 68% percent of female motorcyclists who died in crashes in 2016 were passengers.

If you have been in a motorcycle accident, your life may never be the same. We understand this and will stop at nothing to get you what you deserve from the defense. We care about motorcyclists, and when we’re driving in our car, we always look out for them. We wish that others would do the same.

We have the experience and know how to help get what you deserve.

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